How To Treat Your Wife Like A Queen For Her Birthday

In a perfect world, your wife would be treated like royalty every single day of her life. In the real world, however, funds may be limited and that special days are saved for special occasions. If you are wanting to treat your wife like a queen for her birthday, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something memorable and lovely.

Start the Day in a Lovely Way Breakfast in bed is nothing out-of-the-ordinary, but what you present can be.

If you are an accomplished gourmet cook, the sky is the limit. However, even if you're a novice in the kitchen, you can plan a pretty amazing meal. Consider slicing croissants and spreading them with hazelnut chocolate spread or her favorite jams. Add a bowl of luscious strawberries and blueberries and a cup of decadent hot chocolate and you'll knock her socks off!

Don't forget to make the breakfast presentation special, too. A bud vase with a red rose or a basket full of her favorite flowers are traditional and sweet, but consider something a little bit different. One idea is to build a pyramid or another structure with decadent chocolate candy bars and put the flowers in the center.

A special touch would be to have your wife's favorite songs playing in the background. 

Give an Unexpected Gift If you know your wife, she'll love anything you select for her. However, consider giving her something that is totally unexpected to make it a memorable occasion. Think about giving her an experience rather than a material gift, or combine the gift with an experience.

Perhaps your wife has been wanting to take cooking lessons. If so, a fun apron and cooking utensils along with a gift card for cooking classes would be great. If your wife has always wanted to try her hand at paint, consider art lessons and art supplies. 

You could also consider giving your wife a day at a spa through locations like Rejuvenate Spas. A great combination would be a gift card to get her hair done by professionals who have the training to give her a flattering haircut. The second part of the combination would be to have a facial that would help to cleanse and tone the face, leaving your wife feeling relaxed and very pampered.

When you buy the gift card, remember to include a gratuity for both of the aestheticians and let your wife know that has been taken care of so she won't double tip.