Trouble Conceiving? 2 Ways To Increase Sperm Motility Quickly And Naturally

If your spouse and you have been trying to conceive a child for a year with no luck, then there are many steps you can both take to find and treat the cause(s) of your trouble conceiving. Both men and women can suffer from physical problems that make conception tougher, and if you have been diagnosed with low sperm motility (under 40 percent), then the good news is that there are several ways to increase motility quickly without taking expensive medications. 

If you want to increase your sperm motility naturally, read on to learn two ways to do it quickly. 

1. Take a Break from Consuming Alcohol

Whether you like to drink a couple of beers after work each day or only have a drink or two a month, you need to know how alcohol affects your sperm quality, including its motility. Alcohol not only decreases sperm motility, but also sperm count, so it is best to abstain from it completely while trying to conceive a child. 

When you drink alcohol, it makes it more difficult for your body to absorb zinc from the foods you eat, and if your body cannot absorb zinc, your body cannot produce healthy sperm. 

Sperm is made up of many elements, but one element found abundantly in sperm, and especially in their tails, is zinc. Sperm need healthy tails to "swim" properly, and without enough zinc to form healthy tails, sperm mobility can diminish. 

2. Take a Well-Formulated Motility Supplement

It is important to eat a healthy diet when trying to conceive, but even the healthiest diet often doesn't contain enough of the specific nutrients that a man needs to create healthy, mobile sperm. There are many specific nutrients that can help make your sperm more mobile, along with herbs that increase sperm quality. Thankfully, there are motility supplements on the market that contain all of the nutrients you need to increase your sperm motility, so you don't have to purchase a dozen separate bottles of vitamins and/or herbal supplements. 

As already mentioned, sperm need zinc to create healthy tails, and even if you don't drink alcohol, your motility supplement should contain zinc to ensure you are getting enough in your diet. Additional nutrients that help your body produce healthy sperm include selenium, vitamin E (especially important for motility), vitamin B12, vitamin C, and coQ10. 

While you can take a motility supplement that contains only the mentioned vitamins and minerals and likely look forward to greatly improved sperm motility, it never hurts to find one that also contains the herb maca root, which is believed to promote sperm motility. 

If you and your spouse have been having trouble conceiving a child, then realize that the problem may lie in your sperm motility. Have your sperm count and quality tested by a physician and, if your sperm motility level is under 40 percent, then follow these two tips for increasing your sperm motility naturally.