Install And Style Halo Hair Extensions To Provide Yourself With An Alluring And Fresh Appearance

If you are envious of others who have thick, flowing locks and often succumb to forming a bun with your hair because you are self-conscious with how thin the hair around the base of your shoulders appears, take charge of your personal style and install hair extensions that won't permanently alter or damage your natural hair. The following instructions will teach you how to install and style halo hair extensions to provide yourself with an alluring and fresh appearance.


  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • towel
  • comb
  • magnifying mirror
  • hair dryer
  • halo-style hair extensions
  • curling iron
  • flat iron
  • setting spray
  • storage bag

Wash, Condition, And Dry Your Hair Before Adding Extensions

Wash and condition your natural hair with your favorite products. Wrap a towel around your head and sit down in front of a magnifying mirror. Gently comb your hair to untangle strands. Allow your hair to dry on its own, or use a hair dryer to quicken the drying process. Tilt your head forward so that all of your hair is hanging down in front of your face. Separate your hair into two sections by combing the bottom half of your hair downwards, towards your back, and the other half upwards towards the front of your head.

A halo set of extensions will contain human or synthetic hair that is attached to a wire. The wire will be undetectable once it has been secured around your head. Lay the wire around your head so that the wire is level with the bottom of your ears and the extensions are lying flat. Move one of your hands along the length of the wire to ensure that the wire is lined up evenly across the back of your head.

Comb the front half of your natural hair so that strands lie flat on top of extensions. If you have added the extensions properly, they should be sandwiched in between two layers of of your natural hair, and they shouldn't be placing any strain on your natural strands. 

Style Extensions And Apply Setting Spray

Use a curling iron to add waves to sections of your natural hair and extensions, or use a flat iron to get an all-over sleek appearance. Take your time experimenting with styling tools until you achieve a look that thoroughly pleases you. Apply setting spray to your hair to preserve the style that you have attained.

When you would like to remove the extensions, simply tilt your head forward and pull upwards on the wire that is secured to the extensions. Wash and dry your extensions with standard hair products. Store your extensions in a cloth or plastic bag to prevent damage to strands of hair. 

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