Four Ways To Ensure Your Next Haircut Is The Best One Yet

While a great stylist is an important ingredient when you want an excellent haircut, you are not powerless when it comes to determining how your cut will turn out. If you want your next haircut to be the best one yet, follow these four essential tips.

Bring Pictures

Find images online or in magazines that show the type of haircut you are looking for. It's helpful to bring more than one so you can clearly show your stylist when you're looking for. For example, bring one image that shows how you would like the front of your hair to look and a second one that shows how the back should look. Be prepared to tell your stylist what it is that you like about each of these photos. If there is anything you do not like and would like done differently, be clear about that, too.

Come In the Middle of the Day

If you want your stylist to spend more time with you and work more patiently, it's best to make an appointment for the middle of the day. This is after your stylist has gotten "warmed up" for the day and taken care of morning obligations like scheduling, but it's before they'll be in a rush to finish up and go home. Do not come in as a walk-in if you want a top-notch hair cut. Even if a salon takes walk-ins, you'll be more likely to catch your stylist at his or her best when you have an appointment.

Listen To Your Stylist's Suggestions

Every person's hair is different. Yours may be too thin to feather in a certain way, or it may not lay flat enough for that pixie you've always wanted to look good. If your stylist makes a suggestion based on your unique hair, it's usually in your best interest to take it rather than insisting on your original plan. Let your stylist work with your hair, and the results will be worth it!

Wash Your Hair — Or Have Your Stylist Wash It

It's a lot easier for your stylist to work with clean, pristine locks. So, either wash your hair before you go in to have it cut, or pay a few extra dollars for the pre-cut wash. You just won't get the same results if you have your stylist mist and trim your locks. If you wash your own hair, do not put any product in it afterwards, as this may make your hair harder for your stylist to work with.

For additional tips, contact a stylist at a salon like Detour Salon & Detour The Store.