Beat The Winter Doldrums: 6 Great Occasions For Clip-In Extensions This Season

Cloudy skies, cold temperatures and copious amounts of precipitation are enough to make anyone feel dreary this winter. But there's no need to look dreary, too. You may have already discovered that a new color of lipstick or great foundation is a perfect pick-me-up when daylight is short and skies are gray. This year you can experiment with an extra layer of pizzazz in your style with clip-in extensions. The months from late autumn to early spring are ideal for the extra buoyancy and length to your hair.

The season is packed with special occasions and holidays. Each of them is a fine time to jazz up your hairdo. You're likely to get dressed up and spend extra time on your face and hair for these events anyway, so take just a little more time and effort to put in the hair extensions.

Yes, you will need to practice doing the clip-ins yourself before you're ready to step into the limelight with your new 'do. But with all the long winter evenings ahead, what better way to spend a little relaxation time in front of the mirror learning how to best place the extensions, also known as wefts, securely and comfortably in your own hair? You might want to treat yourself to a salon appointment where a stylist can help you position the wefts and style a brand new hairdo. Many salons offer this service, including trimming, shaping and blending your hair after the extensions are in place.

You can wear your extensions most of the time, if you're going for the full make-over cure to wintertime blues. But saving the clip-ons for occasional use lets you jazz up the mood over and over again through all the long, dark months.

Here are six great places and times to clip on your extensions and enjoy an attractive new look when you make your appearance public:

Holiday Shopping. There are a lot of gifts and groceries to buy before festivities kick into full swing, and shopping is the perfect way to grow accustomed to new extensions.

TIP: If you've never worn extensions before, consider starting with bangs only. Frame your face with straight-cut bangs that clip into place just behind your hairline and provide a neat, but small difference in your appearance. Or go with the side sweep style of bang extension for a little more dramatic impact.

Thanksgiving Dinner. All the traditional favorites are on the table, but you get to break out of the mold with a new, longer hairstyle. This is an easy place to get comfortable with your new look where you're surrounded by family and friends.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. While everyone else is laughing and slightly uncomfortable wearing their crazy Christmas clothes, your sweater won't be a distraction from the beauty statement you're making with your lovely long tresses, courtesy of clip-on extensions.

The Office Christmas Party. If your colleagues have only seen you behind a desk, now is the perfect time to style your hair with extensions, put on a new sparkly outfit, and turn the party into a classy, fun time instead of the drudgery of a professional obligation.

New Year's Eve. Now that you're completely comfortable attaching the wefts of hair and creating new hairstyles, start off the new year looking and feeling like winter doldrums can't even touch you.

Valentine's Day. Charm your date with a pretty hairdo and special attention on the day when everybody celebrates love. If you're on your own, plan to get together with single friends for a dressy, comfortable meal... and plenty of chocolate.

As spring arrives, it's entirely possible you'll find more occasions to wear your clip-in hair extensions through the next seasons of life. After all, it's almost time to look your best for graduations, weddings, barbecues and beach outings.