Tips For Your Child’s First Natural Hair Visit To A Salon

One of the joys and challenges of choosing to maintain your child's natural hair is maintaining the hair in a child-friendly manner. Whether you and your child prefer the look of an afro, braids, a blowout, or some other style, the hair salon will likely become a normal part of your child's hair care routine. The following tips can help you ensure a fun first visit to the salon when you are ready to stop styling hair at home.

Tip #1: Visit the salon without your child

Not all salons are child or natural hair friendly. Before bringing in your child, visit any potential salons and ask if they do natural hair. If so, inquire into which methods and tools they utilize, as well as their experience in natural hair care. If these all meet your desires, the next thing is to find out if they have an age policy. Many salons do not do natural hair care for young children since the process can be time consuming, thus making it hard for a child to sit still. Generally, late pre-schooler to early elementary is the prime time to begin salon visits. If your child meets the age requirements, then you are ready to schedule an appointment.

Tip #2: Make it an event

That first salon visit will set the standard for all future visits, so make sure your child views it as something enjoyable. The best way to do this is to play it up in the days leading up to the appointment. Look through hair styles and let your child help pick the one she desires. Plan a day of it, following the visit up with ice cream or another special treat.

Tip #3: Keep it simple

The first salon visit should be simple. This means that first and foremost you will want to guide your child to a simpler, quicker style. You should also request that the salon only uses hair tools your child is already familiar with. So, for example, if your child has never had dreds, then you will not want to introduce them to the dred-lock tool on the first salon visit. Another way to keep it simple and minimize time in the chair is to all prep work at home. Comb out any braids, wash the hair, detangle and condition, and stretch the hair before you leave for the salon. As your child ages and becomes more patient, these tasks can eventually be outsourced to the salon.

Finish your visit with a quick maintenance lesson from the hairdresser. This is especially important if your child chose a style you are unfamiliar with. This way you can make sure to maintain and make the style last for as long as possible. For more help, contact a hair salon, such as Aurelio Salon, near you.