How To Leave A Hair Stylist With A Haircut You’re Happy With

Your haircut will grow back, but you probably don't want to go through the week or so where you're miserable with your hair. It can be difficult to help a hair stylist understand exactly how you want your hair cut unless you bring effective communication strategies with you to help him or her understand what you want.

Do Research First

Before even speaking with a stylist, you should do research on the type of haircut you would like to have. Try to look for photographs of individuals who look like you so you can have a sense of what would look good on someone with your type of face. 

Find a Picture and Bring It

When you find a picture you're happy with, bring it into the hair stylist so the stylist can have a much easier time giving you the haircut you want. A great way to find pictures is to look through magazines. There are also special magazines some hair salons have that will showcase different hair styles both for men and women.

Ask the Stylist for an Opinion

Ask the stylist for his or her opinion and trust it. A stylist will often recommend that you not go with a particular hairstyle because it might not flatter your face. Be clear about how you would like to present yourself. For example, if you're concerned about looking more professional, articulate this. If you are more concerned about looking casual, bring this up. 

Talk About How You Want Your Hair to Feel

Another thing to bring up is how you would like your hair to feel rather than how you would like it to look. For example, tell the hair stylist about whether you would like the hair to move on top. Bring up whether you mind if your hair sometimes gets in your eyes. 

Understand the Hairstyle You're Requesting

Make sure you know exactly what you're asking for when you bring up a specific type of haircut. For example, many customers ask for a fade when they really want a taper, which creates the gradient effect. 

Consider Your Hair

Make sure to choose a hairstyle that matches the type of hair you have. For example, if you have curly hair, you'll be able to pull off different styles than if you have straight hair. But when you go into a hair cutting stylist knowing what you want, you won't have to wait impatiently for your hair to grow back.