What to Know About PRP for Hair Loss

Having a thick head of hair is something that you don't really think about until you start to lose it. If you have started to thin out or if you have had to fully succumb to the balding and shave your head, you may wonder if you will ever see a full head of natural hair on your head again. One treatment that is gaining a lot of popularity in the cosmetic field is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss. But what is PRP, and how can it help you with hair growth? This article will take a closer look. Are you ready to learn more? If so, then read on. 

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma? 

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is the protein that is found in your blood. To start out, your doctor will first draw some blood from your body. Then, they will run the blood through a centrifuge to extract the protein. Once the protein has been extracted, it will then usually be injected into your body. This type of protein can be used for a variety of different things, both cosmetic and medical in nature. 

How Does PRP Work For Hair Loss? 

When injected into the skin or scalp, PRP works to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles and strengthen ones that are weakened. The type of hair loss you have will also determine just how many treatments of PRP you will need. Typically, during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, they will be able to determine relatively how many treatments it will take for you to start to see real results. 

What Are Results Like? 

Patients who get PRP hair therapy services typically notice real, long-lasting results of thicker, fuller hair. 

Who Is PRP Good For? 

PR is good for anyone with any type of hair loss, whether it's at the beginning stages or the more advanced stages. If your hair loss is at a more advanced stage, then it will take more treatments. 

Going bald isn't something that most people want to experience, but it is a reality for a lot of people. Rather than losing your self-esteem because you are losing hair, take control over the issue and start looking into solutions that really work. To learn a little bit more about PRP hair therapy services for hair loss, schedule an appointment with a hair restoration professional that specializes in PRP today.