Suffer From Hair Loss? The Basics Of A Hair Transplant

Having balding or thinning hair isn't just damaging for your selfie game, but it can also be damaging for your self-esteem as well. While you may just be tempted to shave your entire head and embrace the bald look, you may want to consider a hair transplant procedure instead. While you may have heard different things about hair transplant procedures in the past, you may be surprised to know about a new, popular type of hair transplant called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. 

What Is Follicular Unit Extraction? 

This procedure is a form of hair grafting which is similar to skin grafting. During this procedure, your surgeon will use a donor sight to extract hair from and then actually implant that hair into individual follicles in your hair that are no longer producing hair. Typically, your surgeon will use something like the back of your head for a donor sight, then they will actually remove the individual hairs, and then implant them onto the top of your head. 

How Long Does It Take? 

If you are thinking that this type of procedure sounds extremely tedious, then you're not wrong. In fact, during about a five-to-ten hour session, your surgeon will extract about a thousand hairs and then implant them; which means that you will be laying down for an extended period of time. If you have a significant amount of hair loss, you may have to do more than one session, but if you just have a small amount of hair loss, then one of these sessions may get you the results that you want. 

How Long Does It Last On Average? 

Because your hair naturally falls out as it goes through different growth cycles, a therapeutic hair transplant is not permanent. In fact, your results will typically last an average of six to twelve months depending on how well your body takes to the transplant.

During your first visit with your doctor they will typically help you schedule your follow-up appointment so that you don't have too much wait time in between each session; that way, you always have the look of a full head of hair. 

By using your own hair to implant new hair onto your head, you are basically undergoing an all-natural procedure. If you want to learn a little bit more about hair transplant surgery, reach out to a surgeon in your area today. 

For more information on a therapeutic hair transplant, contact a hair specialist.