Move Over, Comb-Over: Other Haircuts For Balding Men

For years, balding men have relied on the comb-over to hide their hairlines. However, this is only one option. If you've been balding and you would like to make that fact less obvious, there are other haircuts to choose from. These haircuts do not all directly hide the balding area as a comb-over would, but they do draw attention away from the balding and make it less obvious. Here are some options to explore.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a short haircut that leaves all of the hairs basically the same length. You could think of it as a long buzz cut. It's done with clippers — often with a level 2 or 3 guide. Your stylist can leave the hair on top of your head a little longer than that on the sides, which helps make balding less obvious. This cut will draw attention away from your hairline and towards your face. Another positive to the crew cut is that it doesn't require any product to style. You just wake up and go!

Ivy League

The Ivy League is a classy cut that works well for men who want a professional, polished look. The sides are cut short, and the hair on top is left a bit longer. It tapers towards the front, with hair nearest to the forehead being left the longest. To style the cut, you comb your hair back but somewhat to one side so it falls over. However, it does not fall directly over your bald patch; it falls to the side to make your hairline look more like a widow's peak.

Taper Fade

Another option is the taper fade, which has the hairs on the side of the head cut short and the top left longer. The hair is parted down one side and left longer to one side of the part. The hair is then combed to either side. This is a more mature, old-fashioned look, but it does distract well from thinning hair. It works well for men whose hairlines are receding. You'll need some gel or mousse to style it in the morning, but it stays in place pretty well.

If you've noticed that you're starting to bald, take action. Talk to your hairstylist about these cuts, and see which one they think is best suited to your hair pattern and hairline. The comb-over is not your only haircut option as a balding man. For more information, contact a company like Vicara Salon.