Hair Extension Types And Application Methods

Hair extensions are great for people who want to add volume, length, or vibrancy to their hair. There are a lot of options available for all hair types, lengths, and colors. These are some options your hair stylist might offer.

Clip-In & Tape-In

Clip-in synthetic hair extensions are great for quick and easy placement at home or at the salon. They are easy to work with, making color switches a breeze. For a similar option, tape-in hair extensions provide reliable ease of removability while adding extra blendability with your natural hair. Both of these extensions are known for shorter wear time and bright fashion colors, although natural shades are available, too.

Extensions with clips attach to one side of a section of hair that's usually hidden under the upper half of your hair. Tape-ins safely stick synthetic hair to each side of a small section of your hair, giving you a flowy and flawless blend of color and texture. 


Halo extensions are an option in-between tape-ins and more expensive extension varieties, such as beaded. They are available in synthetic and human hair options. Halo installation is shorter than sew-in and bead installations with a comparable lifespan. Synthetic or human hair connects to a cloth piece, called a weft, that has strings attached. These strings are then hidden in your hair, giving you blended color and volume. 

Halo varieties are a wonderful choice for anyone looking to give extensions a try without committing to a tighter fitting and more permanent alternative.


A very popular option for hair extensions is sew-ins. They are most successfully used on a thicker hair texture that can be braided into cornrows safely. Sew-ins are done by following the curve of your head, similar to how Halo extensions do. However, sew-ins, also known as weaves, have the hair extension sewn into your cornrows with thread, helping with upkeep and stability of placement. 

They usually take longer to install than halo extensions but they can last a long time. These are available in natural and synthetic hair varieties and need deep conditioners and hair masks for maintenance. 


Microbead extensions are a heatless and glueless option for quality hair and lasting results. These are installed with microbeads and smaller pieces of extension hair, rather than larger sections. These pieces are threaded with your natural hair through the beads, then clamped closed close to the root for the best consistency, control, and styling freedom.

Bead extensions do require extra care when brushing, styling, and washing your hair. There are special brushes made just for them. They last several months before replacement is needed if taken care of, giving you more time to let the wind blow through your hair. 

Whatever style, shade, or texture of hair you have, there is a hair extension for you. Call your local salon today to learn more about hair extensions