How Investing In A Wig Can Boost Self Esteem

If you have thinning hair, then it's wise to consider investing in a wig as part of your overall health and wellness. An Amore wig or other style and brand of wig you love can be a worthy investment in many ways. Discover just a few of them here. You feel like yourself again Hair loss can not only be devastating, it can be noticeable by other people. It doesn't matter if your hair loss is caused by age, genetics, hormones, an illness, or even a response to chemotherapy, when you have any type of hair loss, it is horrible. Read More 

Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Facelift And Procedures To Try

Several exciting procedures are available today that tighten skin and remove wrinkles. As long as you don't have a lot of sagging and deep wrinkles, you can possibly achieve the look of a facelift without the need for surgery. Here are some benefits of a non-surgical facelift, whether the treatments are right for you, and some types of procedures to choose from. The Benefits Of A Non-Surgical Facelift  The most obvious benefit is that you can avoid having a surgical procedure to see improvement of your skin. Read More 

CBD Infused Skin Products: Here’s What You Need To Know

Natural supplements are quite popular among those who wish to treat ailments without chemicals or man-made ingredients. One natural supplement gaining popularity is CBD oil. CBD oil is not only used internally but also externally for common skin issues. Soaps and lotions that contain CBD are available, but what do they do? And do help improve skin? What Is CBD Oil? CBD oil is a natural chemical found in hemp and cannabis plants. Read More 

2 Surprising Skills You Can Learn In Esthetics School

If you would like to attend esthetics school, yet worry that you will grow tired of performing facials and other skin treatments alone, then you may be surprised to hear that many esthetics school programs teach students much more than just skin care. In fact, these schools typically offer well-rounded programs that teach students how to perform many additional treatments offered in spas and salons.  Read on to learn about two surprising skills you can learn in esthetics school. Read More 

Steps For Those Diagnosed With Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a serious condition that many people will experience. This can be a particularly common condition for older women, and while it can have major impacts on the body, there are strategies that osteoporosis patients can use to minimize their symptoms. Take Your Osteoporosis Diagnosis Seriously Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will simply fail to take their osteoporosis diagnosis as seriously as they should. In particular, there are patients that may assume that there is no need to actively treat this condition due to its slow rate of development. Read More