The Benefits of Straight Hair Extensions

Straight hair extensions offer you the chance to add more length and more volume to your hair if you have straight hair. You can purchase hair extensions in any color, so you will be able to match your own hair color. This means that people won't be able to tell that you are wearing them and they will assume that hair is all yours. Unless of course they see you regularly and know better. Read More 

4 Things To Understand About Laser Hair Removal

If you have a section of your body that you want to remove hair from, such as from your armpits or from your legs, there are a few things that you should know about the procedure in order to decide if the procedure is the right choice for you to take. #1 Laser Hair Removal Doesn't Require Down Time One of the advantages of laser hair removal is that it doesn't really require any downtime. Read More 

Three Things To Know About Skin Pigmentation Issues

There are a variety of skin problems and conditions that can be experienced over the course of time. When you encounter these problems, you may find yourself feeling embarrassed by the blemishes that can result from these issues. In particular, issues with a person's skin pigmentation can be particularly noticeable, which may make individuals more concerned about having this issue treated. What Type Of Issues Can Be Addressed With Skin Pigmentation Treatments? Read More 

Tips For Your Child’s First Natural Hair Visit To A Salon

One of the joys and challenges of choosing to maintain your child's natural hair is maintaining the hair in a child-friendly manner. Whether you and your child prefer the look of an afro, braids, a blowout, or some other style, the hair salon will likely become a normal part of your child's hair care routine. The following tips can help you ensure a fun first visit to the salon when you are ready to stop styling hair at home. Read More 

3 Reasons to Get a Straight Razor Shave at the Barbershop

Barbershops are excellent places for men to go for a variety of hair services. One service in particular that most men seem to really enjoy is a straight razor shave. This kind of shave uses a classic straight razor, and it is highly effective for removing facial hair. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a straight razor shave at the barbershop.  It Is Incredibly Relaxing  When you go into the barbershop for a straight razor shave, they are going to roll out the red carpet for you. Read More