Tips For Your Child’s First Natural Hair Visit To A Salon

One of the joys and challenges of choosing to maintain your child's natural hair is maintaining the hair in a child-friendly manner. Whether you and your child prefer the look of an afro, braids, a blowout, or some other style, the hair salon will likely become a normal part of your child's hair care routine. The following tips can help you ensure a fun first visit to the salon when you are ready to stop styling hair at home. Read More 

3 Reasons to Get a Straight Razor Shave at the Barbershop

Barbershops are excellent places for men to go for a variety of hair services. One service in particular that most men seem to really enjoy is a straight razor shave. This kind of shave uses a classic straight razor, and it is highly effective for removing facial hair. Here are three reasons why you should consider getting a straight razor shave at the barbershop.  It Is Incredibly Relaxing  When you go into the barbershop for a straight razor shave, they are going to roll out the red carpet for you. Read More 

Beat The Winter Doldrums: 6 Great Occasions For Clip-In Extensions This Season

Cloudy skies, cold temperatures and copious amounts of precipitation are enough to make anyone feel dreary this winter. But there's no need to look dreary, too. You may have already discovered that a new color of lipstick or great foundation is a perfect pick-me-up when daylight is short and skies are gray. This year you can experiment with an extra layer of pizzazz in your style with clip-in extensions. The months from late autumn to early spring are ideal for the extra buoyancy and length to your hair. Read More 

A Few Tips For Coloring Your Hair As You Age

You may have decided you would like to color your hair to hide the new gray that keeps popping up or to add a bit of life back into your hair because it is beginning to dull with age. While this can be a good idea, you need to know a few things about hair coloring to ensure that the color treatment is successful. Go Lighter Gray or white hair has no pigment in it. Read More 

What Should You Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Mermaid Colors?

Mermaid hair coloring is a trend that is likely to last awhile. Achieving and maintaining the look takes some time and effort, but for many people, it is worth it. If you are thinking of trying out a mermaid-inspired look, here is what you need to know. What Can You Do for the Best Results? It is important to prepare your hair before attempting to dye it a mermaid color. The preparation can depend on the natural color of your hair. Read More